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The 9A Team

3 Miles Johnson
4 Jayden Hinton
5 Benjamin Chamberlain
6 Matthew Korn
7 Kellen Britt
9 Leo Tauer
10 Colten Himmelwright
13 Paxton Ames

15 Christian Palashewski
18 Mason Hultgren
19 Avery Mick
20 Braeden Francis
22 Brayden Pullar
23 Marshall Link
24 Joe Jackson


Tom Gallaher

Coach Gallaher is looking forward to beginning his 6th year coaching at Apple Valley High School! During those 6 years Tom has coached both the 9th grade A and B teams consisting of 8th and 9th graders at different times throughout the years. Coach Gallaher watching the growth that players make from their 9th grade days all the way through their Varsity careers! Tom is originally from the Chicago area and grew up playing baseball from Little League throughout high school, and he has also coached different youth teams in the Chicago area while living there. Tom is currently fortunate enough to continue playing baseball for the St. Paul Isotopes where he is a catcher and corner infielder. When it is not baseball season, Tom has found success both playing and coaching rugby throughout his college career, and has coached basketball and volleyball teams at Valley Middle School. Tom currently teaches 8th grade at Valley Middle School, and lives in St. Paul with his wife, Hilary, and daughter, Cecelia. 

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