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Sam's NotesOut with injured back

Get well soon Coach!!

- 15 - 18 Players and several Parents spent Saturday morning playing in the snow and taking down the DeLong Batting Cage nets.

- Apple Valley High School / ISD 196 - Ongoing areas of concern
As many of you are aware there have been ongoing areas of concern being addressed by Coach Firpo and some members of the Baseball Booster Club. We are aware that when issues, concerns, etc. are raised by other schools, teams, etc. often the initial requests are reinforced by hundreds of emails from concerned parents. Below are the three current areas of concern that could use your support along with some potential email address recipients

Areas of Concern
- Safety concerns with the Varsity Baseball Field: The Varsity Baseball Field is once again being slated for use by Soccer this fall. The Baseball Booster Club had received assurances during the turf field build outs, that once completed, soccer would no longer need to utilize the Varsity Baseball Field. Due to the lateness of the fall season for soccer little to no field repair is often completed. Usage by soccer and insufficient time repair results in dangerous playing conditions. To note: No other ISD 196 highschool utilizes their Varsity Baseball field for soccer.

- Accessibility concerns with all 3 AVHS Baseball Fields: All three Baseball Fields are not accessible for aging or mobile challenged spectators. ADA accessibility guidelines are not present. Historically, administration has pointed to a grandfathered exemption granted by the city to not address these concerns.

- Competition Levels: The Baseball Booster Club has received word that there will be State High-school League mandated adjustments to competition levels. Seeking details as to what is being mandated, why, when it will begin, and how it affects continued participation in existing conferences for 2022/2023 and beyond. Further, what communication and information gathering is being conducted with participants and parents in these sports to inform decision making?

Potential Recipients of Emails to advocate on behalf of AVHS Baseball

AVHS Athletic Director: Cory Hanson

AVHS Principal: Drew Mons

ISD 196 School Safety and Climate Coordinator: Reshard Saulter

ISD 196 Superintendent: Mary Kreger

Spring Break- Final Payment: $1300 - February 13 Booster Club Meeting

- 2 Shirts Provided
- AV Hats ok

- Need volunteer to pick-up a days lunches
- Kaylen or Terry Gores if you are willing to assist

- Evaluating communication method for families on the trip
- Likely will be GroupMe

- Fund Raising: Added Raffle Tickets can be sold. $20 per ticket, $15 to player trip costs
- Legion Bake Sale during Lent
  - Contact Rob Gentz if interested
- 29 Registered
- Total Cost $1900

- Promoting Team Activities - still all TBD

TreasurerThe Booster Club fee for 2023 is mandatory for all players. The 2023 Booster Club Fee is $150

As in past years, the Booster Club is making available Cash Raffle tickets to help defray the costs of the $150 Booster Club Fee.
- Parents purchase - 10 tickets @ $200 
- Families then can sell the 10 tickets at $20 each to recoup the $200 

- Drawing at Legion - Feb 11
- Saturday 12-4: Drawing at 1:30
- Food and beverage for purchase

Tickets are available now - Contact Jon Behling or pick-up at the January Booster Club Meeting - @AVHSBaseballBoosterClub - Venmo

- Dave Chamberlain volunteered to take on role from Jon

Camera- 3x MEVO Cameras ordered and ready for use. If we have a 4/5th team, we will address later.

- GameChanger will be used for all teams.
- Will need parent volunteers to run during games.Please connect with Jeremy Jackson if you are willing to assist.

Website Update- Updates coming to make web-site mobile friendlyMatt Mick has been updating the AVHS Baseball Website. Check it out!

Field ADA ComplianceSchool proposal:

Gravel path from batting cages to bleacher area proposed by the school district- Brian Schlicting coordinating schoolboard agenda item
- Will invite larger audiance

Captains PracticeSunday Nights @ MASH 
Starting January 8
9 Sundays
- 7 - 8:30 - Sundays
- $135/player
- October SIgn-up


- Parental Monitors SIgn-up -

LegionAV Legion will be sponsoring a Senior and a Junior Team for 2023.

Sam will coach one of the teams

3 Tournaments
30 - 40 League Games

Sign-up Due: 12/10 - Contact Jeremy Jackson if you missed this date.

8th Grade Participation- As in previous seasons, 8th graders will be allowed to tryout and participate in AVHS Baseball for 2023
- The Booster Club confirmed that the $150 Booster Club fee will be applicable to any 8th Graders participating
- Players planning to play in 2023 are welcome to participate in the Captains Practices

- Contact Coach Firpo with any questions.

Board PositionsBooster Club Sustainability
- Current Vice President and Vice President are parents of 2023 Seniors or will be stepping away. If you have an interest/willingness to play a larger role in the Apple Valley Baseball Booster Club, please reach out to Rob Gentz.

Next MeetingJanuary 9

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