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Sam's Notes

Announcing Captains for 2023
- Parker Behling
- Ben Jackson
- Nick Lind
- Joe Obrien

Jan 30 Baseball Kick-off - 6:30pm
- Expectations for the year
- Players and Parents
- Booster Club Fee or Raffle Tickets needs to be purchased by this time


Sam still on the mend
- Long Road
- Pain is improving
- Take them a
  - LINK

Senior Night - May 11
- Need Junior Parents: 2-3 needed
- Sr. Pictures
- Bio
- Photographer
- Gift Basket
- Announcer
- Etc

Banner Sales
- Brian Beginning renewal process
- Kelly Galovich Shadowing

Spirit Wear
- Site opens on January 9th and closes on Jan 23rd
- Access Code : AVBSB2023

Strikeout Cancer - Saturday May 06 v. Rochester Century
- Grill
- Other?
- Need a volunteer to coordinate and move forward - Reach out to Rob Gentz and Brian Schlichting

Spring Break- Final Payment: $1300 - February 13 Booster Club Meeting

- 2 Shirts Provided
- AV Hats ok

Need volunteers to pick-up lunches
- Kaylen or Terry Gores if you are willing to assist
- 2 volunteers so far. Need more!!

Evaluating communication method for families on the trip
- Likely will be GroupMe

- Fund Raising: Added Raffle Tickets can be sold. $20 per ticket, $15 to player trip costs
  - Contact Jon Behling if you would like to purchase additional raffle tickets
- Legion Bake Sale during Lent
  - Contact Rob Gentz if interested

March 14 - Spring Trip Meeting
- 7:00 - 8:00 after Booster Club meeting 6:00 - 7:00
- Players and Parents- Promoting Team Activities - still all TBD

TreasurerThe Booster Club fee for 2023 is mandatory for all players. The 2023 Booster Club Fee is $150

As in past years, the Booster Club is making available Cash Raffle tickets to help defray the costs of the $150 Booster Club Fee.
- Parents purchase - 10 tickets @ $200 
- Families then can sell the 10 tickets at $20 each to recoup the $200 

- Drawing at Legion - Feb 11
- Saturday 12-4: Drawing at 1:30
- Food and beverage for purchase

Tickets are available now - Contact Jon Behling- @AVHSBaseballBoosterClub - Venmo

- Dave Chamberlain volunteered to take on role from Jon

Camera- 3x MEVO Cameras ordered and ready for use. If we have a 4/5th team, we will address later.

- GamChanger will be used for all teams.
- Will need parent volunteers to run during games.

Please connect with Jeremy Jackson if you are willing to assist.

Website Update- Updates coming to make web-site mobile friendly

Matt Mick has been updating the AVHS Baseball Website. Check it out!

Field ADA Compliance No new updates

- If you are willing to take ownership of this follow-up please contact Brian Schlichting


School proposal:
Gravel path from batting cages to bleacher area proposed by the school district


Captains Practice

Sunday Nights @ MASH 
Starting January 8
9 Sundays
- 7 - 8:30 - Sundays
- $135/player
- October SIgn-up


LegionAV Legion will be sponsoring a Senior and Junior Team for 2023.

Sunday March 19 @ Cages
- 3-5
- 4-6

See attached email

Reach out to Jeremy Jackson if you have any questions.

8th Grade Participation- As in previous seasons, 8th graders will be allowed to tryout and participate in AVHS Baseball for 2023
- The Booster Club confirmed that the $150 Booster Club fee will be applicable to any 8th Graders participating
- Players planning to play in 2023 are welcome to participate in the Captains Practices

- Contact Coach Firpo with any questions.

Board PositionsBooster Club Sustainability
- Current Vice President and Vice President are parents of 2023 Seniors or will be stepping away. If you have an interest/willingness to play a larger role in the Apple Valley Baseball Booster Club, please reach out to Rob Gentz.

April - Last Booster Club meeting - Vote in new Officers for the Booster Club

Next MeetingFeb 13: 6:30March 14 - 
- 6:00 - 7:00 Booster Club 
- 7:00 - 8:00 Spring Break

Volunteer Link If you are willing to help with some of the volunteer activities noted above, we have created a sheet to voice your interest.

- LINK -

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